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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Move to Oregon, announcing

Up to now, I've been negligent in updating this site in 2013. Here's the brief explanations and highlights:

After 15 years of teaching in the Ann Arbor, MI area, nearly moving on to various other directions over the years (a time in a touring rock/jazz/jam band that was also a barbershop quartet, an almost move to California for a PhD), I've moved on to a new stage. My wife got a fellowship position through Portland State University and, on unfortunately short notice, we moved 2,300 miles across the country to our new home in Oregon City. We don't know how long-term this is, whether we'll stay in Oregon after this or what.

(UPDATE: We stayed in Oregon! Moved into Portland in August 2014! Future not absolutely certain, but, at this point, we're settling in here.)

I plan to keep teaching and may try video-chat lessons over the internet, although I know that won't be the same and won't work as well for certain sorts of lessons.

Most importantly, this move has allowed me to focus on the major project that has become my main passion over the last year:

I've avoided making big announcements as the site is still in early development, but we're starting to reach out to more people now. We're especially interested in finding volunteers who support our vision.

In summary, the purpose of is to be a platform which will bring together communities of supporters to help creative projects of all sorts that will all be of the highest ethical standards. The projects we support will all be free to everyone to access, modify, and share. They won't have obnoxious ads nor spy on you. The way we envision achieving this is by a new type of matching pledge system to bring everyone together to fund development. Visit the site to read about the details.

Aside from the hassles of moving, most of my time has recently been spent on Learning some programming and other new skills has been challenging and fascinating. I've met many amazing and interesting people and communities.

Still, if you happen to be near Oregon City Portland and interested in guitar lessons, or want to try online lessons, let me know! Teaching has always been and continues to be my passion. I just hope to be able to share my insights and resources more widely with the whole world with the support of once we have it actually operational.

Thanks especially to all my students in Michigan who I had the privilege of teaching over so many years! I wish you all the very best, be in touch!

I'm not sure what the future of this site will be, but if you want to keep up with my progress in the near future, get involved with us at

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