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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Screencast: scary sounds with Audacity

Today I made my first screencast using my KXStudio GNU/Linux system.

In Audacity, use any random sounds (import any recordings or make new ones). Go to Effects - Change Speed and choose a very slow speed. Add echos and reverbs and other effects to taste, the more reverb the better. That's it!

Video editing done in Kdenlive.
Read more about these and other Free/Libre Open Source audio and other software at my Software Recommendations and more page.

Happy Halloween!


  1. seriously, this is the best Audacity tutorial.

    I was more scared of the video effect than the Audio effect...


  2. Audacity is okay. It does certain things reasonable well, and the price is certainly right. However, if you are trying to change key or tempo I would suggest a product like Song Surgeon.

  3. Hi, thanks for your thoughts, but Song Surgeon is proprietary restricted technology. I always suggest Free/Libre/Open resources first, and you can see on my dedicated page here about software recommendations that there are still further options beyond Audacity that are still Free/Libre/Open (Sonic Visualiser for example).

    Audacity is not something I recommend just for the price. I recommend it because it respects the community's freedoms.

    For proprietary options, Transcribe is still probably best although there's lots of competitors these days. Of all the options, I'd stay far away from one like Song Surgeon and its very sleazy marketing.