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I teach in Oregon City and online videochat. I work with all ages and levels and a variety of styles. I specialize in creative exploration, the psychology of music, and conscious music practices. Visit the lessons page to learn more.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


This past week, we launched a fund-drive for We need to cover legal expenses and further development so the site can begin operating. The fund-drive itself is at Update January 2015: The campaign succeeded!

At, you can read dozens of pages of writings explaining the whole concept in depth. Here at, I focus on my music teaching and related topics.

These different parts of my life do connect. For one thing, I recorded some music for the background of the fund-drive video. More importantly, promises a good mechanism for me to fund work I've always wanted to do to make better music education materials that will be freely shareable and adaptable.

I license this entire site for free sharing and adaptation under CC-BY-SA (see the bottom of the page for more). My various posts here included recordings, videos, and more — all under the same free license. And, of course, I don't show third-party ads.

All the time and energy helps create a holistic compilation of work that may help promote my teaching, but mostly it remains volunteer time. I could keep up a modest pace into the future, but I really want to put all these things together and build a new, better guitar method and overall music instruction materials.

I have no pretense that I have all the best answers. My dream is to collaboratively develop my ideas, welcoming everyone's input under free licensing, while drawing on all the bestsources . If succeeds, it could help fund this work so that I could dedicate my time comfortably to building these free public goods. Of course, for now, there's so much work to keep doing just to get going.

Thanks everyone for your support!

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